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Toyz4Lovers presents the new vibrating and high tech masturbator Portable Masturbator. These toys allow you an adjustable massage along the shaft of your penis, at the same time a stimulation tickled by internal conformations of the sheath. The soft and realistic material, phthalate-free, allows you to easily heat the sleeve giving an even more truthful effect. Find out in the best sex shops.

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He is the king of Italian and international porn. Our meeting with him was fatal. The bosses of MSX Distribution met him one evening at an event and told him: "What would happen if every person could take your best part in his bed?". This gave birth to the line ROCCO SIFFREDI SEX TOYS which consists of 4 realistic dildos (ROCCO REALISTIC COCK, COCK SQUIRTING ROCCO; ROCCO REALISTIC COCK VIBRO) 9 Sex Toys from original design and 8 Lubricants. To test the longest and hardest delight in history.

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A team of 64 Sex Toys that have made the history of MSX Distribution. Bestsellers, the most loved, the most desired by all. Phthalate free, are all made with materials of the highest quality. Each product in the line belongs to a specific category defined according to the type of use: Anal Series, Rabbit Series, Balls Series, Sleeve Series, Pump Series ... And much more! Discover the best suited to your needs and those of your customers!

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From Russia With Love! Please welcome to the Russian dynasty with its impetus and its ardent passion! The butt plug Matryoshka!They were inspired by the architecture of the kremlin and reproduce the forms of the famous domes. Do svidaniya in the best sex shops.