For Her

"There are certain looks for woman, that man lover would not exchange with the entire possession of her body." Gabriele D'Annunzio
The knowledge of their bodies, the achievement of well-being, pleasure sensations: these are the objectives that Toyz4Lovers aims for its customers. The brand prince of the world of sex toys in Italy treats women like princesses, wants to meet them and providing them care, attention and, of course, sparkling erotic games.
The passion will accompany our women clitoral stimulators offering discreet, nice, colorful and hi-tech eggs. The G-spot is no longer an abstract entity: our dildos and vibrators T4L of the best materials and colors will lead our princesses to discover the mysterious realm of pleasure, and will reveal them how to access the keys of passion. The doors of splendid palaces of pleasure will be wide open thanks to our sweet balls that will make every movement an intriguing and stimulating experience.
Toyz4Lovers know that female pleasure comes from inner feelings and then engages all the senses, so it wants to stimulate woman feelings and emotions starting from the style, through the design and enhancing the pleasure of forms. Our games will involve customers with the passion, excitement and strength, because designed and manufactured to transform every woman into a princess of pleasure!

For Him

"Give a man a free hand and I always find your way everywhere." Mae West
The game, the fun, the feelings are always different and special, enjoyment: this is what Toyz4Lovers wants to prove to its customers. Desirous of emotions always different, memorable, catchy, our friends will be accompanied in the realm of sex by portentous objects of pleasure.
T4L will donate their accessories and toys that will make special meetings and intimacy. Our customers will make their games even more attractive with nice rings Dandy's Bangles performance that will ensure more durable, transgressive and satisfying for him and partner. Our masturbators Pocket Pleasure will ensure intimate moments a bit of extra spice to singles and will tickle funny couple games with extra stimulation that will increase the harmony lovers.
The variety of games and accessories will allows you to fantasize experiencing emotions and feelings that are not always equal, defeating the boredom and monotony. The man with our products T4L will live in a parallel life made of exceptional and unforgettable moments of pure desire to replicate!

For Couples

"To love is to place our happiness in the happiness of another." Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
The synchrony, shared happiness, the pleasure of giving pleasure: these are experiences, emotions, feelings that Toyz4Lovers wants to dedicate to its loyal couple etero, gay, lesbo who want to test the passion together. For all types of love relationship, our products will be the no plus ultra of their pleasure.
T4L is the brand that will accompany the lovers on their path of mutual understanding towards a simultaneous pleasure that will take them to touch the peak of passion. All sex toys line Toyz4Lovers can be used in two to engage in the pleasure of each other and make protagonist who is not in a few moments. A vibrator, a masturbator, a double dildo will make pleasure simultaneously for every lovers: etero, gay, lesbo. T4L will play its customers and in addition to their passion also stimulate the imagination, which is the salt that spice the love and complicity that is between the partners.
The Toyz4Lovers sex toys will make live to our friends the feeling of being part of each other during intimacy, living passionately fun, madness and joy of being together in a vortex of sensations that will accompany the night until sunrise.